Sparrow Falls | 6-piece post-punk band | Est. 2005

Sparrow Falls experiments with a sound that starts from honest, raw punk rock, but also embraces indie rock, folk and Americana and a pinch of 80s metal. The energetic vocals, uplifting choruses, strong melodies and assertive riffs create a unique sound that reminisces of your favorite dive bar concert.

Since forming in 2005, the act have constantly reinvented themselves, which not only resulted in releasing two albums, an EP, and several singles, but also performing countless shows and festivals in Europe, support slots for a.o. Ignite, Flatliners, Coheed & Cambria and Off With Their Heads, and touring with a.o. Therapy? and Jaya The Cat.

Merijn Verhees – Vocals
Lando van Berlo – Guitar, vocals
Ed van Hees – Guitar, vocals
Stijn Bannier – Keyboards, vocals
Boris Wouters – Bass
Yannick Bovens – Drums